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Claim satoshi Every Hour

Claim satoshi Every Hour
Get Free BTC + Lottery Tickets + Reward points

Lets Earn Together with Digital asset Trading


("Earning Drops are much Better, else lose in ocean")

Here We are Inviting People like you who are having small investment

 but  confuse , to know where to start from ?


Introducing a Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange (  ZebPay : know more  ) 

I personally trust this platform in case of  Deposit & Withdraw of Money

Easily understandable GUI interface to trade

The most famous reason for profit or lose of Money depends on fluctuation in price on

(this digital crypto asset online Trading market Zebpay

Lets understand trading in very simple way


"Never Settle for Less" 

Keep Digits simple as much as you can : just need to learn & quick calculation  

(+) Addition (Plus,Sum,Add)

(-) Subtraction (Minus,)

(*)Multiplication ()

(/) Divide 



Please Understand This calculation is just an example , you need to calculate before every transaction

buy 1 below current price 

minimum quantity


immediate sell bid pattern for short profits within  24 hours

bid to sell on

sell bid = (max quantity 1000)purchased price + 0.6%  : 


Q=500(purchased price)+ 0.6   pr start

Q=200(purchased price)+ 0.8   2nd bid 

Q=200(purchased price)+ 1.6   3rd bid

Q=100(purchased price)+ 3.2  3rd bid

for More benefit bid to sell , one next to another

such as : minimum quantity purchased (1000)

Distribute the sell bid 

first bid at purchased price + 0.02 

quantity : 500 (to keep repeating small transaction with in 0.02 points fluctuation )

another bid : 200 (purchased price + 0.04)

another bid : 200 (purchased price + 0.06)

another bid : 100(purchased price + 0.08)

and if you believe price normally fluctuate in a 8-12 points above opening price than bid accordingly 

Distribute 1000 in 10 equal parts (of 100)

& still if you have patients and can sit aside to wait perfect timing to strike like Tiger

just buy at opening of day while price range normally starts to rise 

calculate the speed of fluctuation then bid according at high price of the day 

Everyone needs to Remember that 

"Profit only can be made by Decision on Time"

Maximum amount of investment is depend on your Risk factor decision & dedication

as calculation of mathematics is giving chance to earn digitally while sitting on relaxing chair at home & trading as per your comfort 

for long term  1 time bids yo may put your money on rest & not sure will the price of particular Trade on trading platform will hit your desired price

here you are making 3 parts of your investment

let suppose you want to buy 

1000Tron(TRX) on (+30M Registered traders are trading their money digitally and earning regular short time profits)

max sell price (msp)

current price (cp)

max buy price (mbp)

you need to arrange 3 set ready buy and sell all the time on fluctuation 

arrange buy bid while price is dropping

wait to sell bid while price is hiking

(& Real investors who believe that fluctuation will hit desired price range) & they will happy to withdraw their money at any time only if your all calculations are correct 

after all we are just studying mathematics with real money

trading in stocks on probability 

putting buy call on drop

and selling at high

Everyone does that (more than 90 % of beginners just put the money on Hot Digital Exchange and do not turn when needed this cause may loose ,)

just believe the market you are entering 

Study the history of product to trade


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Note : we are Not Directly working or employee for (Zebpay) The original link to download the Mobile application   + Referral Identity of introducer 

We are just Introducing a Good & trust worthy platform to trade cryptocurrency at lowest fee per transaction 

on this platform any one can earn with patients & confidence 

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