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Claim satoshi Every Hour

Claim satoshi Every Hour
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Why people losses Money in Bitcoins or in any exchange

  Bitcoin is a an International cryptocurrency and listed to trade on more than thousands of exchanges  So the Price fluctuates Randomly Investor feels confusion for sell trade of bitcoin and in decision of Exit  if you are investing today and do not decide when to exit the trade for profit in greed of doubling the money in 1 shot, then you are making mistake if you want profit from trading in cryptocurrency or in stocks you need to learn few strategies  strategy 1 :  Rule 1 invest in round figure  for example you are investing [10000/-]  in this scenario Best advice is to exit on 10900 including fees paid to exchange or follow a formula 1 Trade = Investment + 2% profit + exchange fees why i am suggesting this because this formula will give a you chance to exit the trade on small profit and will not lead to loss because of fluctuation  same formula for stocks find the stock which fluctuate more than 2% & less than 5% this stock will give you profitable chances in Day Trade